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your life?
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Our online marketplace "status market" is
re-launching on july 1st with all new merchandise! featuring New live sales events and handpicked HOME DECOR, furniture, and GIFTS from our
award-winning design team.


Best of Gwinnett 2018, 2019, & 2020!


Thanks to everyone who voted for Status! We are honored and extremely grateful to win this award. Our number one goal is to make a positive difference in our community. Whether it's helping to make your house a home, or inside our store to assist you with any purchases you may need. The Status team is here to help! Thanks again!!!


home decor, furniture, interior design, & upholstery

Status Home Design opened in the Fall of 2015. We opened with 7500 sq ft, 10 vendors, and a small interior design office. Within the year, Status was able to add a 5,000 sq ft showroom expansion, 30 more vendors, and a full seamstress/upholstery studio. Status has since added 30 more vendors inside the store and built a classroom space available to our community. Interior Design took off and we added new designers to our family. Status continues to grow and evolve all the time.  We are always introducing new merchandise, having seasonal festivals and store events, offering many different types of classes within the store, and offering pick-up and delivery services for our customers. Whether you are a regular customer or a first timer, please come by and say "hello!" We look forward to meeting each and everyone who walks through our doors.

Status Life with Leta

Interior design, health & wellness, travel tips, inspiration, and MUCH MORE!

Stop and ask yourself "What is the status of my life?"

Are you happy in your relationships? Are you excelling in the career you want? Are you in need of home improvements? How is your physical and mental health? Whether you answered the questions with need or you are living life to the fullest, Status Life with Leta is the podcast and blog to help you live your best life. My mission is to help others do just that. Live our best life! I work with the experts to bring the information to you. Except in interior design. That's my area of expertise and I'll teach you all that I know. I love and use the hashtag #designyourlife and that's exactly what I'm here to do. Help you all #designalifeyoulove!

We will unpack tips, trends, and home transformations to help you make your house a home. I work with lifestyle experts such as life coaches, nurse practitioners, and psychologists. I've brought artists, nonprofit owners, kidney donors, and even Mrs. Universe 2019 on the podcast. Follow me as I show you how to #designyourlife and mine! XOXO Leta