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how status home was formed

Design, decorating, traveling, spirituality, family, friends - the list goes on and on. Status Home was formed out of an idea to bring together all the loves in my life.  The store, Status Home Design, is the place where I get to meet new people on a daily basis and help them find the perfect treasures for their home.  Status Design Studio was my first endeavor (formed with the multi-talented, Nicole O'Lenick, back in 2008).  This is our full-service Interior Design Firm still going strong today.  Status Carpentry can build you the perfect piece from scratch or refinish one that holds sentimental meaning, but needs updating.  In my blog, Status Life, you will walk through design projects, trends, meaningful life stories, and also receive a dose of daily spiritual thought. I hope you visit often - whether inside Status Home Design or right here on this site.  I hope to inspire and bring joy to people in any way I can. Sometimes I don't know exactly what that means, but I wake up every day with the desire to help people, and that purpose has led me here. I hope you join me on my journey. Leta "Letty" Brooks @life_with_letty @statushomedesign

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The Store

home decor, furniture, & design

Status Home Design opened in the Fall of 2015. We opened with 7500 sq ft, 10 vendors, and a small interior design office. Within the year, Status was able to add a 5,000 sq ft showroom expansion, 30 more vendors, and a full seamstress/upholstery studio. Interior Design took off and we added new designers to our family. Status continues to grow and evolve all the time.  We are always introducing new merchandise, having seasonal festivals and store events, offering many different types of classes within the store, and offering pick-up and delivery services for our customers. Whether you are a regular customer or a first timer, please come by and say "hello!" We look forward to meeting each and everyone who walks through our doors.

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Status Life

Leta's Journey

What is Status Life - you may be wondering? It's a different type of blog, written by primarily by Leta and others interested in sharing their stories.  As a designer, I'm fortunate to get inside peoples homes.  The best part is hearing their stories. Getting inside someone home is a personal experience.  You are looking at memories, sentiment, and their most cherished space.  Being at Status, I get to meet new people everyday and I always want to know them.  I hate "fluff."  I want to know what makes them happy, what they are struggling with, who their loved ones are.  Where someone comes from is important, but I like to get much deeper than that. The best part of my job is forming these relationships and learning about people.  People's perspectives on life, love, purpose, and family.  Also, hardships like divorce, blending a family, losing loved ones, battling depression, anxiety, death, and grief.  All of it is LIFE.  I want to share these stories.  People are fascinating and everyone has something amazing to give. 

This is also a design related blog as I will walk you through design projects and cool DIY things I learn along the way.  I will share amazing travel tips and recipes that are easy and family friendly.  You will hear perspectives on the challenges of relationships and raising children.

The purpose of Status Life it to use everything I've been through (and others with stories to tell), to share something that might hit home, give guidance, or simply put a smile on your face.  Faith has always been my guide and I hope my spiritual journey might encourage anyone going  through dark times. We are ever changing and growing as people and I hope you will stay with me on this journey which is my Status Life.

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