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For my friends and clients, I offer this
thought today. . .

There is a you inside of you.  Be that person.
There's a you inside of you.  You've strayed and
disconnected from that person.  It's time to come home to who you truly
are.  It's time to be yourself.

It's time to be true to yourself, in thought, word, and
deed.  It's time to know your true feelings and your real needs. 
It's time to know your dreams and desires, wishes and hopes.  It's
time.  It's way past time.

You've been out of touch with yourself.  You've gone with
the flow and given parts of yourself away.  You've traded pieces of
yourself for the hope of receiving good things in return.  The opposite
has happened and you feel broken and fractured.  That's because you've strayed
from who you truly are.

Integrity equates to wholeness.  It relates to being
authentic, honest, and real.  To be a person of integrity and to live from
that place is your highest calling.  It is what you are here to do. 
It is the journey you must take.

So exhale, and release all that is not you.  Inhale, and
rejoin your spirit to your true self.  With each new breath, come home to
your full power.  Become the best version of yourself.  Grow into the
perfection that is simply, purely you.

And you thought today was going to be a repeat of
yesterday.  I don't think so.

There is a you inside of you.  Be that person.

Have a great day, everyone!  Julie.