The start

how we met

Our start wasn't love at first sight, or even how most couples meet - get introduced, get to know one another, go on dates, fall in love, etc. Nope. We missed out on every piece of this. We met and formed a friendship out of necessity and under the worst circumstances. We leaned on each other. We supported each other, but to find out why you need to read the full story "The Start" on our blog - Status Life. It's not your average Love story. It's not even your average life story. But it's our story.

the journey

it has been a crazy road

We are still on it. Moving through everyday trying to live a greater purpose and become the best version of ourselves. Everyone is on a continuous journey through life, but our journey started hard. Our journey started with a lot of hate and a lot of misunderstanding from the outside world. "People" didn't want to see us together, even though we knew felt there was greater purpose. Benny, he's the strong one. He has an understanding of people and the world that is not only fascinating, but helped me through some very dark times. My strength is grace and empathy. Always seeing a situation from every angle (everyone's point of view) then making the best decision possible. Walking through some very hard times has given me a strength within myself that is unshakable. I'm a very different person than I was even a few years ago. Benny and I hope to share our journey to help others find the strength, courage, and faith within their own lives.

the faith

our faith got us here, it'll get us through

The number one reason we would give anyone who asks "why we are together" would be our faith.  This was the strongest guiding force in every decision we made about our future, our children, our families, and our happiness. Finding a partner with almost exact beliefs in God, Spirituality, Religion, and the world as a whole was a gift to both of us. We love to have deep, spiritual conversations for hours upon hours. Neither of us had ever met someone so like-minded to the other before. We learned about the term "Spiritual Partnership" and we knew we had something more here. Whether we were moving through a tough time or a wonderful period, our faith guided us every step of the way. We hope to share some of these thoughts, conversations, and beliefs all of you.