A Magnificent Makeover

Little did Karen know when she walked into Status Home Design, back in June of 2016, that she was not only going to make a new set of friends, these friends were going to help transform her new home.

Karen had recently purchased a home and was looking for a way to make it her own.  She had some great ideas about the look she wanted, but she didn't know how to pull it all together.  Coming into Status that day, she was looking for a few decorative items, but what she found was a designer and two carpenters to give her home the makeover she imagined. 

The original interior of the house was covered in traditional moldings with plain walls.  It was very dated and did not fit Karen's personal style.  Karen had two main goals to express before we began work; she wanted the house to be comfy and cozy, and she wanted the home to be HER OWN. 

Karen's formal dining room (before pic), we transformed into her office.

During the initial consultation, we decided on adding lots of texture with stone, a large wooden wall, massive wood beams, and barn door bookcases. 

The Status Carpenters, Terry Short, and Ben Harrison, went to work removing all the traditional moldings.  Bookcases were built, barn doors were added, and paint changed the walls.  As a group, we deliberated on the stain colors to make sure we had everything just right! 

Barn Door Bookcases were also added.
Karen's Foyer Before

Traditional White Molding's out - New Beams In

Karen wasn't finished when the office was complete.  She had problems in her laundry room.  The open shelving was an eyesore, especially since it is her main entrance into her home off the garage. She said every time she would come in she would see all her "junk" that needed to be hidden above her washer and dryer.  Terry to the rescue!  He built ½-size barn doors and suspended them across the laundry shelf opening.  Problem solved!  Not only do these doors tie the rest of the look of Karen's home together, we fixed an eyesore.

New Laundry Room Barn Doors

Lastly, but certainly not least, was her living room.  With all the beams enclosing the office (old dining room) we needed to tie the two rooms together.  Especially since they both have large vaulted ceilings.  We decided on adding a large beam to the vault in the family room.  What a difference such a small addition made to the room!  Terry also added new wood to the mantle to match the ceiling beam.  This was a necessary step to remove the traditional elements and continue to bring the same rustic touches throughout her home.  Karen contracted for stone to be added to the fireplace surround. 

Living Room Before
Living Room After
New Stone and Wood Mantle Added

When you walk into Karen's home now, it makes you want to sit down, prop your feet up, and grab a cup of coffee.  Her spaces are warm, inviting, and all her own.  Karen's work isn't finished yet.  She's getting ready to begin work transforming her master bath.  Stay tuned as Karen continues to make her house her own. 

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June 9, 2019