Be Grateful

Your task today is simple. Be grateful. It's the time of year to do this. It's the week and almost the day, to focus on this. In truth, you need to do this all the time. You need to be grateful every day.

You have a lot to be grateful for.  You have things others wish and pray they had.  Reflect on those things as you go through your day.  Be grateful now, today.

We tend to do the opposite.  We tend to focus on what's wrong, missing, or bad.  We discount the positives as if they are minimal and don't really count.  What if we did the opposite, and focused on the good.  What if were happy with all we have?

Experience the joy that is in front of you now.  Notice how much good is here, for you to have.  Appreciate things and savor them for as long as you can.  Notice them, hold them in your mind, and experience them, with all your senses.  Your gratitude will turn everything into good, better, best.  It will cast out misery, just as light casts out darkness.  It will make your life exactly what's it's meant to be.

At the end of life people really get there are unlimited opportunities to do this.  Don't wait that long to figure that out.  Be grateful now, today.

Your task today is simple.  Be grateful.

Julie Spencer Rankin, MA, LPCC, NCC
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching


Julie Spencer Rankin

February 10, 2019