Design Trend in 2018 - Herringbone Pattern

Each month I feature a design tip or style we, in the design world, are seeing pop up everywhere. After noticing the Herringbone pattern all over - I can't ignore it.

Herringbone has a strong resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring, i.e. where this directional pattern gets its name. The herringbone pattern can add dimension to any room.  It's an arrangement of rectangles usually set on an angle for a more dramatic visual effect.  

It's a classic style, but yet adds the modern, geometric element to a space.  We see herringbone in backsplash layouts, bathroom tiles, and also changing the standard pallet wall look.  Herringbone is also very popular in hardwood floor construction, especially in the foyer for a more visual effect.  

If you have a tile backsplash, wood floor (especially a foyer), or a pallet wall project coming up, use the Herringbone Pattern. You won't be sorry. 

Beautiful hard wood floors done in the herringbone pattern are the focal point of the classic, white room.
The Herringbone pattern adds much more interest to this pallet wall.

By Julie Rankin

Leta Brooks

September 28, 2018