Forgive. Period.

Forgive. Period. We've all done it. We've all held a grudge. We've hung on to feelings of hurt and indignation, for a long time. We've harbored ill will and hostility against those who have hurt us.

It may be natural to do so, but it is not healthy.  Grudges are not good.  They wreck your mood, destroy your well-being, and decimate your health.   They are a horrible solution to pain and have no redeeming value.  It is much better to forgive, instead.


Forgiveness is not condoning.  It's not excusing others, or saying they weren't wrong in what they did.  It's also not forgetting, but it changes the way you remember.  Forgiveness simply releases the other person from the debt they owe you.   It's a choice that allows your heart to deepen in wisdom and heal.  Your heart heals by opening up, and letting the grudge go.


Learn how to forgive.  Learn how to release your negative feelings and thoughts.  Learn how to take your pain to higher powers, and reclaim your power.   God will change your mind about things if you are willing to see things differently.    You can release your resentment and keep the past from destroying you.   You can forgive.  You can seek the peace you desperately crave.


The sooner you do, the sooner you can get on with the work you are meant to do.  Your resentments are holding you back from your greatness.  Be courageous now.  Let them go.


At the end of life, no one wishes they'd held on to a grudge longer.  I rest my case.


By Julie Rankin

Julie Spencer Rankin

September 1, 2018