For my friends and clients, I offer this thought today. . . LEAVE THE SHORE Let go. Leave the shore. The time is now. The place is here. There is no more delay. It's time to leave the shore. It's time to shove off. It's time to loosen the knots and let the ropes go. It's time to float out into the stream of things and set off on your journey. It's time. Oh boy, it is time.

You don't have to control the process.  You don't have to know every move, before it's made.  You simply have to direct the boat and respond to the currents.  You have to trust, and gently steer.  That's all you have to do, but you must leave the shore in order to do just that.


It might be rough at times.  It might take a lot to stay above water.  Don't worry about that, because there will be plenty of times when you get to float.  And times to enjoy the scenery, which is what it is all about.

Here is what I know - life doesn't take off until you take off.  Taking off requires you let go and trust you'll be ok.  That requires faith, patience, and a willingness to go with the flow.  So move forward, gently, as you can.  The universe is waiting.  We are too.

Now you know what people say at the end of life.  All that time wasted, hanging around at the dock.

Let go.  Leave the shore.

Have a great day, everyone!  Julie.

By Julie Rankin

Julie Spencer Rankin

September 1, 2018