Pallet Wall & Custom Desk for Two

A one-of-a-kind room for a couple that shares their office.

This was a fun project to be a part of.  My clients both work from home and wanted something unique and one-of-a-kind in their office.  The place they both spend the majority of their time needed to be cozy and interesting, but yet functional.  After agreeing on the look of the wall with a sample board, taking a few quick measurements,  it was time for carpenter Terry Short to go to work. 

The first step is finding the pallets.  Luckily being in this business, I have plenty of contacts, but if you don't, I would suggest contacting a junk removal company or any type of warehouse.  They usually come across tons of pallets and throw them out by the truckload.  Most companies are more than happy to give them away to anyone interested in using them.

Once you've successfully hauled tons of pallets to your driveway, the hardest part of the job comes next; breaking the pallets apart and getting all the nails out.  If you have the patience to do this, the rest of the job is cake.  This will beat up your hands, give you splinters, and try your patience.  Keep the end result in mind!  It's coming! 

Since we were installing both the desk and the pallet wall, Terry was simultaneously constructing the desk.  He had to build custom cabinets underneath the desk because the owners needed storage, not to mention support for the very long desk.  We tied the cabinets to the look of the pallet wall by adding wood to the door fronts.

Install Day!  Pallet wall installation goes pretty quickly.  Terry had help on installation day, and the guys had the wall up in less than two hours.  If you're tackling a pallet wall on your own, you're going to want to use a bradnailer to attach the boards to the wall.  It goes much faster than using screws & a drill and you don't have all the screws showing.  The nails give a much cleaner look.

After maneuvering the desk (in two pieces) up a narrow staircase, he put it in place and reattached the top. All in all the install took 4 hours.  I come in at the end to oooh and ahh and give picture-hanging advice.  I love the way the room turned out, but more importantly, my clients (who are now friends) love it.  It's exactly the look and feel we were going for in the room.  It is truly the one-of-a-kind room and exactly what they wanted. 

Construction Complete

By Julie Rankin

Leta "Letty" Brooks

August 8, 2018