Take Action Instead

Quit worrying about your problem. Take action, instead. You've got a problem. You've had it for some time. You've put a lot of mental energy into it, but things haven't changed. I think you know what I'm talking about.

That's because you've spent more time worrying than taking action.  You've spent more time ruminating than being proactive.  It's time to do something different.  It's time to take action, instead.

 Worrying puts you through suffering and stress.  You think you're doing something to help but, in fact, you are not.  It's time to replace worrying with active problem solving.  That will get you further down the road.

 Figure out what you can and cannot control.  Decide what the stakes are and how important your outcome is.  Verify your evidence to see if your worst case is, indeed, probable.  Think about your problem objectively, without emotion.  Examine all your options and alternatives and select your best one.  Plan your strategies, implement your option plans, and let the rest go.

On the other hand, let things go if there is truly nothing to be done right now.  Be patient, remain calm, and keep the faith.  Positive expectation is a lot better than worrying.  And anyway, you are closer than you think to a good resolution.  As long as you think that way.  Oh - and as long as you do one other thing.

Quit worrying about your problem.  Take action, instead.

Have a great day, everyone!  Julie.


julie spencer rankin

November 30, 2018