The 1920's come alive in a local Barbershop

One step into the front door of this newly owned and renovated barber shop, and you are immediately transformed into the 1900's. Well, minus the TV's and electricity, but this barbershop has a style and charm that made me want to sit and relax for hours.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kurt Pletcher a few short months ago.  He wondered into Status looking for inspiration because he and his wife, Thuan, had a dream to open a business together.  Kurt had, unfortunately, lost his job and Thuan decided they would like to go into business for themselves.  Kurt has owned businesses in the past, and found it to be more fulfilling than working for someone else.  Thuan is a stylist, and a Barber Shop is their new endeavor. 

The space they decided on had previously been a more feminine hair salon.  The first challenge was giving this salon a more masculine makeover.  Kurt wasn't sure exactly the look he wanted, and he came into Status trying to figure out what to do.  Thankfully, he saw something in Status that sparked his creativity and gave him some new ideas. He saw our barn door display. 

Kurt was referred to our very own Mr. Terry Short for barn door construction, but Terry was commissioned to much more inside this Barber Shop.  Kurt remembered a very cool, Jack Daniels bar he has seen on Pinterest, and showed Terry the look he wanted to achieve. He also has a fondness for the style of antiques throughout the Prohibition time period of the 1920's.

Kurt had the vision behind the look of the Barber Shop, and Thuan went to work finding all the key pieces to pull it together.  She scowered antique stores and websites looking for white marble top dressers for each station, an authentic chandelier for the entryway, and the large buffet which serves as the focal point to present all their products for sale.


Terry was really excited about this project during construction, and when I arrived during install day, I can see why.  There were three weathered barn doors, wood plank walls (distressed to look Old World), and decorative wood columns covering a modern front desk with wood.  Terry knew he was transforming what used to be a modern hair salon into an authentic Barber Shop set in the 1920's.

Construction is still wrapping up, but Suwannee Barber Shop is open for business. The address is 525 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite H, Suwannee, GA.  Stop by, meet Kurt & Thuan, and see how the inside has been transformed.  Gentlemen, feel free to kick your feet up and relax.  This is your kind of place.  Leta "Letty" Brooks

Vintage Chandelier

By Julie Rankin

Leta "Letty" Brooks

August 8, 2018